With the lack of creativity in our current education system and corporate culture, encouraged creative expression becomes tantamount for the creation of a free-thinking and innovative society. We strive to create an environment where people can learn ways to open their minds to endless possibilities and solutions to the world’s real challenges. From young children who need the confidence to express themselves and the inspiration to follow their dreams, to retirees who always wanted to express themselves but didn’t have the time or never quite knew how, My Art Shed provides a creative center of inspiration, hope, and a gateway to the creative dreams of all who step into it.

My Art Shed is a Working Gallery that provides Classes, Seasonal Camps and Workshops; we Host Corporate Teambuilding Events & Private Parties for all occasions. We also offer weekly fine art and craft lessons from ages 2.5 through adults.

Come in and see the extraordinary benefits of unleashing your creative potential!

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